Sep 28, 2016

Presentation of “Uralvagonzavod” Service Centre at Exhibition ADEX 2016

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During 2nd Azerbaidjanian International Defense Exhibition ADEX 2016 Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” (UVZ) has presented a mobile service centre for maintenance and repair of armored vehicles being a unique product. Mr. Oleg Siyenko, General Director of Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” has personally presented the UVZ Service centre to Mr. Ilkham Aliyev, the President of the Azerbaidjani Republic. The head of the state has viewed the design of the mobile wind generator and visited the pavilion with a full-scale modernized tank T-72 with new fire control system presented therein.

The UVZ Service centre is the solution to create a full-fledged service facility based on the state-of-the-art construction technologies. Mobility and short terms are the main advantages of such centres. The UVZ Service centre allows of carrying out the entire spectrum of jobs on maintenance and repair of armored vehicles. It takes 3 months only to erect the centre as a whole in its full configuration. The centre can be arranged on any type of locality. Configuration of the service centre can vary and the customer can choose the most optimal suit of premises and options.

- We have conducted preliminary investigation on service centres. Potential customers are expressing an active interest in the above. If competitor’s price category is taken into consideration, so it is worth saying that nothing of the kind have been available before. There are mobile maintenance parties, mobile centres which can be shifted, but never before there has been offered a full range of services starting from constructing a pavilion up to setting up a process line to repair and maintain vehicles with provision of spare parts, - said Mr. Alexander Voronov, deputy chief of department of independent foreign trade activity.

One more advantage of the UVZ Service centre is autonomy. It can be equipped with a system of mobile wind generators with total power from 4kW to 1mW. Vertical-type wind turbine traps any wind blasts. The turbine is space-saving and can be easily transported and installed. It can be transported in the assembled condition. Weight of a 6-m turbine-wheel fin made of aircraft quality aluminum comprises less than 5 kg. The wind generator itself is designed according to the geometry applied in construction engineering by famous inventor and scientist Vladimir Shuhov. The construction is very sturdy and rigid and, as a result, it can weather very severe hurricane wind. If high power is required, the turbine can be scaled up. The construction is reliable, and the service life of the materials is estimated up to 100 years.                                      

Mr. Yaver Dzhamalov, the Azerbaijan Minister of Defence, Major-General Zakhid Guseynov, Chief of Azerbaijan Missile Forces and Artillery, Mr. Andrey Ravkov, the Belorus Minister of Defence, have visited the stand of JSC “Research and Production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” during the 1st exhibition day. They have been interested in modernized tank    T-72. Modernization covers all systems of combat vehicle from fire power and protection to mobility and additional equipment. Protection has been improved in the offered tank configuration. Side ERA panels protect the tank hull up to the power-pack compartment (PPC). Slats provide protection of hull PPC rear and sides. Additionally, the tank features a set of extra ERA panels mounted on turret sides instead of SPTA boxes and slats mounted on turret rear. Turret and hull front ERA provides omni-directional protection against main anti-tank means. Auxiliary diesel-generator is included in tanкcompleting articles to ensure power supply of vehicle systems at halt. Enclosed antiaircraft machine gun mount is installed to deliver fire at adversary manpower and low-flying aerial targets irrespective of main weapons from commander’s station being protected by armor.






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