Feb 21, 2017

A. Zharich: Uralvagonzavod will present modern weapons for armored vehicles and mobile mortar complex at IDEX-2017

- What Uralvagonzavod Corporation is going to demonstrate at the International exhibition of weapons and military equipment, IDEX-2017?

- In Abu Dhabi, there will be the première show from Uralvagonzavod Corporation. I wish to draw attention to the fact that the full-scale mockup of 30-mm Remote Weapon Station will be demonstrated at the International Salon for the first time. It was created at one of the enterprise of the integrated structure, Burevestnik Research Institute in Nizhny Novgorod. It is a recognized developer of cannon artillery.

In addition to the module, another Burevestnik’s product, 82-mm mortar 2B24 in the form of a full-scale mockup installed on the ATV will be exposed at our stand.

- Tell us about this innovation, what kind of product is it?

- It is Remote Weapon Station (abbreviated - RWS), which is served to search, detect and shoot-down single and group targets at any time of the day. It is the main armament of armored vehicles. It can significantly increase their combat effectiveness, improve visibility and increase combat crew protection.

- What does it consist of?

- This is a mechanical module that includes a 30mm 2A42 automatic cannon and a 7.62mm twin-barreled tank gun PKTM. It also includes system of supply and storage of ammunition, electrical equipment, platform and base with a supporting-turning device that provides circular rotation. There is fire control equipment: digital console and gunner's control panel, electro-optical module with a hydraulic and pneumatic systems, automatic target tracker, control unit with data transmitter of pointing angles and angular velocity.

- How the guidance and fire control are managed in this device?

- It is managed from the gunner’s automated station equipped with modern remote control and LCD information panel. The possibility of manual duplication of functions is also provided.

The fire from stationary position from the canon and marching fire from RWS ensure destroy of stationary and moving tank hazardous manpower or light armored vehicles at distances up to 2 km. Open living force is destroyed by machine gun from distances up to 1 km. Optronic module allows to effectively detecting targets at ranges up to 3500 m during the day and up to 2000 m at night.

- What is his battle reserve?

- Ammunition load is 300 unitary shots for AP 2A42, including 100 armor-piercing, and at least 1,200 rounds for PKTM.

- What are the advantages of this module over similar devices?

- Firstly, it has a high rate of 30-mm canon, up to 550 rounds per minute. Second, a wide range of elevation angles: from -10° to +60° and the presence of teleautomatic target tracker. Its advantage is also a low circuit module, which reduces the visibility of the car during the fight.

- Where the RWS can be used?

- Remote Weapon Station as a part of the combat vehicle is easy to tolerate parachute landing, works effectively at any time, in any of the geophysical conditions at altitudes up to 4650 meters above sea level. This allows conducting successful operations, including in remote areas.

- The second important item in the UVZ’s exhibition is a 82-mm 2B24 mortar.

- According to the basic characteristics, it surely exceeds foreign and domestic counterparts. Compared with its predecessor - 2B14-1 mortar – it has a 1.5-fold increased shooting range (6 km). It use fragmentation mines of increased power, and, for specific tactical and fire missions, mines of special purpose.

Burevestnik offers in Abu Dhabi the option of a mobile mortar complex, where transportation of 2B24 mortar and considerable ammunition (36 rounds) is carried out by utility terrain vehicle the RM 600 6x4. With total mass of 1,200 kg, the complex is capable of moving at a maximum speed of 80 km/h and has endurance range of 200 km.

Constructed of advanced materials, 2B24 mortar is reduced to 45 kg weight, is characterized by high maneuverability - the transfer time from the fighting position to the stowed does not exceed 30 seconds. It is reliable, easy and safe to use.

- These are its main advantages?

The construction of mortar has a number of features that distinguish it from its analogues. Thus, the edges of the screw profile in the bottom of the barrel improve the thermal conditions and allow fire with the rate of at least 20 rounds per minute. The base plate provides a circular firing from any soil.

Using a mobile mortar complex provides rapid response in local combat operations, the decision to fire missions reduced to two people calculation and quick change of positions, including on soils with low bearing capacity.

- Uralvagonzavod is not the first time participating in IDEX exhibition, and wide enough. How effective is it?

- IDEX is the largest showroom in the world with all potential customers of the corporation. And our participation in this exhibition for the past eight years has given great impetus to the increase UVZ exports in military and technical cooperation. This year is planning to negotiate the current and potential contracts with a large number of customers.

Incidentally, it was in Abu Dhabi where the latest Russian T-90MS produced by Uralvagonzavod Corporation was demonstrated for the first time abroad in 2013. At the last show in 2015, we have already showed the option directly for the Arab countries. Today, pre-contract work already carried out on this tank, and not only with foreign customers, but also with the armed forces of Russia. This shows how efficiency the world's leading showroom of weapons and military equipment can be. It is actively used by our competitors, so we do not reduce our activity to promote production of Uralvagonzavod together with Rosoboronexport.

- What is distinctive feature on UVZ stand at IDEX-2017?

- Stand of the corporation has a modern and comfortable design, which not only shows our products, but also is a comfortable area for negotiations.

For the first time, a lounge area of the Russian delegation will be equipped with free Wi-fi near the stand of Uralvagonzavod. The area of 100 square meters will accommodate tables for participants and guests of the exhibition to enjoy an opportunity to discuss various issues, for journalists to work or just for ordinary visitors to relax. We organize the lounge area together with Rosoboronexport.




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