Wheel Excavator
General Information
Operating weight, kg 18000
Max overall dimensions in transport position, mm:
Length 9550
Width 2500
Height 3680
Min digging depth, m 5.8
Min digging radius, m 9.2
Min dumping height, m 6.5
Max digging force, kN (tf) 111 (11.1)
Excavator speed, km/h 8-25
Extra Implements
Main bucket, m3 0.85
Additional bucket, m3 1.05
Narrow bucket, m3 0.42
Ripper, kg 221
Hydraulic hammer MG-300-01

Multipurpose single-bucket full-circle wheeled excavator EO-33211A is designed to dig non-frozen soils of the I-IV grades and pre-loosened rock and frozen soils with piece size up to 200 mm within temperature range from minus 40°C up to plus 40°C.       

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