Third-Generation Main battle tank
General Information
Combat weight, t 46.5
Crew 3
Length with gun, mm:
Gun forward 9430
Gun model 2A46M
Bore size, mm 125
Rate of fire, rounds/min 7
Ammunition allowance (including automatic loading gear) 42 (22)
Ammunition type
Stabilizer, type Electrohydraulic power elevation Electromechanical power traverse
Auxiliary armament: antiaircraft machine gun mount
Bore size, mm 7.62
Model 6P7K
Ammunition allowance, pcs 2000
Auxiliary armament: machine gun
Bore size, mm 12.7
Ammunition allowance, pcs 300
Guided weapon 9K119
Round of guided missile ZUBK14 with missile 9M119 ZUBK20 with missile 9M119 M
Missile guidance system
Maximum range of fire, m 5000
Fire Control System
Commander’s sighting and vision system T01-K04
Gunner’s range finder 1G46
Double control of the fire from the commander’s station Available
Gunner’s night sight Thermal Imager ESSA
Night identification range of tank side projection, m 4000
Antiaircraft sight PZU-7
Armour guard, type Combined turret from the rolled armour
Explosive reactive armour, type Multipurpose
Opto-electronic suppression system Available
NBC protection system Crew protection
Mobility and Cross-Country Ability
Max highway speed, km/h 60
Fuel distance with barrels, km 550
Trench, m 2.6 ... 2.8
Obstacle ability, m 0.85
Power Plant
Engine type B-92C2 (diesel)
Gross horsepower, kW (hp) 736 (1000)
Number of cylinders, pc 12
Cylinder arrangement V-type, at 60°
Power Train
Type Mechanical, with transmission gear unit, two final gear boxes and coaxial final drives
Number of gears Seven-forward and one-reverse
Stopping brake Disk type. Oil operated
Drive control Drive control
Running Gear
Suspension, type Torsion
Shock absorbers, type Hydraulic, vane-type (6pcs)
Number of road wheels and track support rollers per one side 6 road wheel 3 track support roller
Track With stamped tracks and rubber-bushed gearing, adapted to accommodate rubber pads
Crew friendliness The conditioner is available
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