Armoured deminer
General Information
Vehicle weight with mine clearer KMT-7, t 51
Crew, men 2
Places for field engineers 3
Engine four-stroke multi-fuel diesel V-84MS, 840 hp
Armament antiaircraft machine gun mount, independent, enclosed, 12.7 mm
Max speed, km/h 50
Deep fording by snorkeling
width, m 1000
depth, m 5
conventional weapon protection
armoring with antimine bottom protection
deforming coating
NBC protection
Mine clearing equipment: tread mine clearer KMT-7 with electromagnetic attachment
mine clearing speed, km/h 5...12
Cargo bed, capacity, t 5
Crane boom with ratchet winch
max capacity, t 2.5
RFI transmitter to ensure non-explosion of mines with radio proximity fuses
Individual night vision device 1PN63M for crew and field engineers
Crew survival facilities to ensure two-day crew operation in enclosed vehicle
Underwater stream-crossing equipment
Entrenching equipment.
Overhall dimensions, mm
length, mm 6920
width, mm 3810
height, mm 2960
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