General Information
Cultivating clearance, mm 600
Min radius of cornering circle on 1800-mm tread without partial braking, m 4.75
Load-carrying capacity of hangers on mounting axle, kg:
Rear hanger 3500
Nominal tractive force, kN (kgf) from 18,0(1835) to 27.0(2750)
Front hanger 2500
Nominal power on PTO with shaft end speed of 16.7 s-1 (1000 r/min), kW (hp) 106(144)
Max design power of tractor implement hydraulic system, % of engine operating power 13
Number of gears:
Overall dimensions, mm:
Width 2350
Forward 16
Reverse 8
Length with front and rear hangers in transport position 5750
Operating weight of tractor equipped with implements, kg 6655
Length less front hanger 5070
Height 3060
Engine model YAMZ-236D-2
Engine rated power, kW (hp) 129(175)

The tractor is designed for the following:

  • For cropping and harvesting vegetables and tall-stalked tilled crops with 45, 70, 75, and 90-cm spaces between rows with the use of rear- and front-mounted wide-cut, single- and multi-operational aggregates of home and foreign manufacture. Provision is made for arrangement of tanks for seeds, fertilizers and herbicides.
  • For cultivating different soils up to 30 cm deep with the use of mounted ploughs including turn-wrest ploughs
  • For general cultivating, sowing and harvesting grain and other crops
  • For cargo hauling
  • For other general farming operations.

Complete with agricultural machinery the tractor RT-M-160 carries out several technological operations in one field pass, thus retaining soil fertility, reducing man-hours, and saving expenses.

The tractor RT-M-160 meets the up-to-date agricultural requirements for cropping and operator’s working conditions. By performance and efficiency the tractor has practically no analogues.

Standard equipment:

  • Rear hanger
  • Draw gear TSU-1ZH
  • Rear lower PTO with separate (540 and 1000 r/min) and synchronous (3.5 and 6.3 r/m) drives
  • Conditioner
  • Quick-reversible control station
  • Wheels with tires 16,9R30

Optional equipment:

  • Front hanger with load-carrying capacity of 2500 kg
  • Tillage depth regulator (for rear hanger)
  • Automatic coupler SA-2
  • Draw gear TSU-2/3
  • Spraying machine frame with jacks
  • Wheels with tires 21R24;13,6R38; 9,5-42; 16,9R30.
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