Rail/road shunting vehicle
Type general-purpose frame vehicle with two driving axles, four-wheel steering, front and rear guide railroad wheels
Engine tcd 2013 l04 2v diesel, meets tier-3 emission standards
Engine rating 122 kw (165 h.p.)
Force exerted rating 20 kn
High speed when pneumatic-tyred 42 km/h
High speed on train tracks with force exerted rating on 5% acclivity 12 km/h
Minimum horizontal curve radius on railroad wheels 30 m
Railroad wheel tread diameter 260 mm
Wheel base 3200 ± 10 mm
Road clearance 380 mm
Overall dimensions
Width 2445±50 mm
Length (with din -15432:2008 plate and rear coupler) 6600±50 mm
Length (with front and rear coupler) 7100±50 mm
Height 3415±50 mm
Wheelspan 1590±20 mm
Gauge 1520
Powered chassis weight
Dry weight 8350±250 kg
Operating weight 9000±250 kg
Maximum bearing capacity 2000 kg
Coupler compatible with sa3
Max obstacle to overcome
Rise and fall 18
Breakover angle 40
Range 16
Diesel warm-up and start-up time (in -40°c) 30 min

When pneumatic tyres combined with railroad wheels Rail/road shunting vehicle TMV-2 is intended for:

  • shunting and train operations within facilities with railway tracks,
  • operating in railroad car-repair shed: moving up to 15 devoid freight cars along railway tracks, rolling cars in and away from car-repair sheds,
  • delivering and maintaining hydraulic tools, train tracks and railroad crossing service equipment, tools for superstructure repairs,
  • emergency recovery and special work.

When pneumatic-tyred: for moving load-carrying semi trailers along railless lines.

The vehicle has the DIN-15432:2008 plate for front attachments, such as tools for train tracks repairing and maintaining, snow, dirt and garbage cleaning in yard area and intertrack, cargo handling, maintaining bridges and tunnels both on railless lines and train tracks and emergency recovery tools.

Climatic category – temperate. 

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